Our Services


Our Services

With over 25 years of polyurethane and elastomer manufacturing experience, we have developed some of the most comprehensive urethane products in the industry. Our services include facilitating and assisting with custom urethane product engineering, design, and development, in addition to our in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Custom Engineering & Design Support

HiTEK collaborates closely with you and your chosen engineers and designers, leveraging our extensive knowledge of urethane manufacturing and products, to create a customized urethane product that aligns with your project objectives.

In-House Prototyping, Testing, & Manufacturing

Given your specifications, your urethane product will be developed from the design stage until it is ready for full production. Prototyping and testing are used to make sure that all issues and design requirements are met before full production begins.

Product Excellence Across the Globe

HiTEK’s many years of urethane production experience allows us to deliver the products that your business needs. We take pride in the quality and durability of the products we deliver to our worldwide customers and we welcome the challenge of making your project a success.

Bring us any project challenge and we will provide an effective and innovative solution that will exceed your expectations.